We have 30+ years experience teaching (and making jokes about) Earth Science, Environmental Science and general science across the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sectors!

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This experience is your guarantee that we know what teachers need and want . We ensure the materials we provide are scientifically accurate, up-to-date and tested by real teachers and students. If we don't have the product you are looking for contact us by email. We are happy to collaborate in the development of new resources and if you inspire a new product, you get it for free!

We also know that any science can be dull and uninteresting when there is no fun to be had. That's why we have developed our range of quirky, fun, yet educational range of products ranging from t-shirts to duvets, coffee mugs to phone skins, stickers to greeting cards and lots more besides. We understand everybody likes (to groan about) a bad pun but our bad puns are different! They have deeper connection with the science than you see elsewhere and they don't have inappropriate double meanings. That means they are great gifts for those geoscience professionals, educators and students that have everything. No more worrying about what to get them for Christmas, birthdays, graduation or for doing well in class.

Wait there's more. We also have a range of products that showcase the artful beauty to be had in the world of geoscience and because we like geckos they sneak in too!


Mystar2Geoscience gifts for all occasions


Mystar2FREE Materials and resources for use in schools from us
(because we know how much teachers like free stuff)

  • Rocking Year 8: Use this presentation to bring yourself up to speed with the rocks you should know about for school.


Check back here often: we are updating everything and refreshing our old catalogue so there will be more revamped and new stuff posted here in the next 12 months!

See our Links page for information about free material, professional development and student extension materials from other sources that we know, have reviewed or used and recommend.



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